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Data Visualization Series - Workshop with Juan Francisco

So much of the information we encounter every day is hard to conceptualize. It’s so big and complicated that a visual rendering represents it the best. Being a good data designer is crucial to being able to tell the story behind the data.

Last semester, we hosted Juan Francisco Saldarriaga, Mapping and Data Visualization Specialist. He gave us a talk about data visualization techniques, processes, and methods. 
This semester, Juan Francisco is back for a workshop! This time we are going to use Processing as a coding environment to master new data visualization techniques. Juan Francisco will guide us through the process of using basic programming skills and concepts to create visually compelling charts and graphs. We will use real data from Citibike to visually analyze the imbalances in the system stations. Students are required to download Processing before the workshop and to have basic knowledge of programming concepts (variables, loops, functions), however, no prior experience with Processing is required for the workshop.

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