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The Past and Future of Systems for Current Events

Location: Computer Science Conference Room (CSB 453)

Speaker: Mor Naaman, associate professor at Cornell Tech, co-founder and Chief Scientist at

Abstract: An overwhelming amount of content from real-world events is shared by individuals through social media services. This shared media represents an important part of our society, culture and history. At the same time, this social media event content is still difficult to consume and understand, fragmented across services, and hard to find. We have worked since 2008, in both research and startup settings, to tackle these (and other) challenges in making social media information about events accessible and usable. I will discuss our early research, show how it led to the startup company I co-founded, comment on what the startup (which recently pivoted away from events) did well and where it failed, and highlight open challenges and directions for the future work and research in this area.

Speaker Bio: Mor Naaman is an associate professor of Information Science at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, where he is the founder of the Connective Media hub, and leads a research group focused on social technologies. His research applies multidisciplinary methods to 1) gain a better understanding of people and their use of social tech; 2) extract insights about people, technology and society from social media and other sources of social data; and 3) develop new social technologies as well as novel tools to make social data more accessible and usable in various settings. Previously, Mor was on the faculty at Rutgers SC&I, led a research team at Yahoo! Research Berkeley, received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, and played professional basketball for Hapoel Tel Aviv. He is a recipient of a NSF Early Faculty CAREER Award, research awards and grants from numerous corporations including AOL and Google, and multiple best paper awards. Find out more about Mor at